So how was your weekend?

It’s Sunday night now, weekend is almost over and was it just a few moments ago that it was Friday?

I had a wonderful weekend, long overdue movie date with my partner, attended my Pilates class, had a great saturday lunch of good ol’ classic beefy spaghetti with tomato sauce with my partner. Today was also relaxing like yesterday, had a vegan lunch and cheesecake for dessert. Yum!

I love weekends so much that it gives me so much pleasure on simple things like camp out in Starbucks with a good book and people-watching from time to time, visit bookstores and stay there for hours, rest day from all that techy work stuff and going to church to cap the good day. It gives me a chance to catch up with my brother and sister, who also work here in Singapore, over coffee. Weekends is also the time that i get to catch up with folks from home via video calls. On some weekends I would go for a 5K run with friends or with my partner.

These are the things that make me happy, Simple things. Things I can do. Things that make other people happy too. Other people like my family and friends.

Weekends is the time for me to catch up. Catch up on getting rid of my clutter. Update my playlist for the coming work week. Catch up on missed TV series. Clean up my closet. Air out my comforter. Shopping. New book. Good read. Eat cheesecake or brownies. Little things that make up my happiness. Ah the good life.

But I still would want to push myself to try other things like wall climbing and trailing and resolve to visit more parks. Singapore is full of beautiful national parks and I think I’ve visited only 5% of them 😦 This I will make sure to do in the coming weekends.

As Samuel Johnson would say, “That distrust which intrudes so often on your mind is a mode of melancholy, which, if it be the business of a wise man to be happy, it is foolish to indulge; and if it be a duty to preserve our faculties entire for their proper use, it is criminal.”

So how was your weekend?


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