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A quicker way to know when DBCC CHECKDB last ran in your database.

Problem : Surely you have scheduled jobs to run DBCC CHECKDB across your SQL Servers to check database integrity. But sometimes you miss checking reports on these scheduled jobs if they did run or completed but failed. So how do you monitor when was the last run of DBCC CHECKDB in your database?

Solution : There are many ways to do this. Also there is a very good in depth post from Paul Randal about DBCC CHECKDB which was a great help for me.

Generally, to check the last run of DBCC CHECKDB you can always use the command

DBCC DBINFO (yourdatabasenamehere) WITH TABLERESULTS

and look for the dbi_dbccLastKnownGood field which contains the date time stamp of the DBCC activity. But this is good only if the DBCC actually ran against the database and not on the snapshot of the database. For cases in which mirrored databases are involved you would usually run DBCC CHECKDB against a snapshot of the mirrored database.

To check the last DBCC CHECKDB run against these mirrored database, you may use a query i use frequently across all the SQL Server I monitor.

[LogDate] VARCHAR(25),
[ProcessInfo] VARCHAR(10),
[Text] VARCHAR(1000)

INSERT INTO #DBCheckInfo EXECUTE xp_ReadErrorLog 0, 1, ‘dbcc checkdb’

In the above method that I use, i check the SQL Server Logs for any run of DBCC CHECKDB activity. This way I get the correct date whether the DBCC actually ran on the database or a snapshot of the database as long as the DBCC CHECKDB command was actually invoked.

Next Step : You can add this query as part of your daily health check monitoring reports.




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