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Poor Microsoft Doesn’t Understand What Tablets Are For

That’s the title of an article i came across this morning in I am not a big fan of Surface. I’m totally IOS fanatic from iPhone to iPadMini to using Mac at home.

IMHO, Microsoft has been committing a big mistake with Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Of course it comes with performance booster, super long battery life and more cores on the GPU and what have you that’s bigger and better. It comes with the Microsoft Office Suite with Outlook. Now imagine this, maybe in Surface you can open all the office apps on one side and play xbox game on the other side of the screen!

But who does that? Most people I know, if not all, have tablets for entertainment and portability and another PC or laptop for their work stuff. I use my iPadMini mainly for entertainment and Twitter. I watch Breaking Bad series on it while i take my morning commute to work. I use my Mac for blogging and work related emails and docs at home or sometimes in Starbucks. Everywhere I look, I see people on MRT and buses watching their favorite soaps or movies or playing Plants vs Zombies on their tablets.

People who are working continously and so hard at improving Surface should do an hour or 2 of people watching so that they can see how coffee lovers and workaholics use their laptops and tablets in MRT and coffee shops. I believe that this is the real market.

If Microsoft thinks it can change people how they use their tablet for play and work, I don’t see that coming at all. Because come to think of it, the reason why I use my morning commute time to catch up on Breaking Bad series is that I rarely have time to watch it on my work PC because at home I still bring some of my work stuff. Surely this is the case for most of the people out there. Working late at nigth at home or staying late at the office.

I don’t need super powerful hardware on my tablet so I can open all Office apps all at the same time. I need it to be light and portable. I need it to have a long battery life. I just need to catch up on Breaking Bad and Plants vs Zombies and my emails.


How secure is your IT career? Really?

I was reading some articles from my favorite influencers in LinkedIn and I came across this one. I was enlightened actually so I wanted to share it here in my blog site. It made me rethink and evaluate my career plans and where I want it to be in 5 years or beyond that. Being just an an expert in database server administration should not be enough and OK for now. I want to be upfront, the leader of the pack. If I was in group of job seekers sitting in a room for interview, I want to be the favored one. This article is good news for me, so while enjoying my coffee and some free time in the morning (development team not noisy yet), I’m going to proceed with the rest of the article.

A good read, really.


Free Ebooks! Free Ebooks!

There’s a lot to smile on a cool Monday like this. One, it’s 27C outside here in Singapore, a lot less humid than most days. Two, a smiling barista in Starbucks served my coffee this morning, she must’ve a great morning start too and three, free ebooks from the Red-Gate community,!

I started to download this one, then managed to move the PDF to my ipad so I can bring it and actually read it whenever there is a chance. I want do a little digging more on transaction log backups and so i picked this one. As a DBA, it is important to really manage your transaction log because in the most unexpected times, it will really creep up on on you and give you headaches. There is a need to understand how SQL Server uses the transaction log and why sometimes it just grows up so fast and so large.

So I suggest this as a good read on SQL Server. And it’s FREE.

Go ahead. Laugh.

I came across one of my twitter friends @DBAReactions tumblr site and gosh! I cannot stop laughing!

Here is one link that is so true, Tell me you haven’t had any issues with the SAN team in your organization. I had. When they gave me a disk on RAID 5 when in my specs docs I specified a RAID 10. This image of Peter is still in my mind lately 🙂

Or this one, This is exactly how I feel when I have been asked to help out in creating scripts for a certain task or query. Rockstar! How I love Homer in this one! And that magician’s hat! 🙂

Oh and this one,, I really wish does not happen when I come back from vacation in Boracay Island by next week. Hahahaha

I haven’t seen it all yet, Now on a Saturday rainy morning, while browsing,  I thought why not share this with everyone? Thanks to @DBAReactions, I soooooo loved this!

Happy weekend everyone. And yes, have a good laugh!

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